Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's On My Playlist Today?

 Feeling mess?

Ya, and music being my only escape. Earphones in. Volume up. Ignore all bad things. Well think out this list, good stuff. I am repeating these Helloween best song list. All of them are great song, nothing less I expected from Helloween.

*click on song tittle to watch their link video on youtube

6. "Future World"

7. "World of Fantasy"

8. "A Tale That Wasn't Right"

9. "Forever And One"

10. "Windmill"

11. "If I Could Fly"

12. "Walls of Jericho/Ride The Sky"

Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning.
Longing for love and a chance to be free.
Don't feel alone and depressed, someone will come at last,
To soothe your stumbling mind, to keep it away from the evil storm.

Keep your head up guys! \m/