Sunday, March 2, 2014

NBL Indonesia 2014: Trade, Expect The Unexpected

Hi NBL lovers! You guys maybe had known news about the latest big trade from two clubs on NBL Indonesia. Guess who? Haha, yep! That's not rumours again. It was officially did at 28th February, 2 days ago. M88 Aspac Jakarta trade their big man Anggi Arizki with Ferdinand Damanik, center from Pelita Jaya Energi Mega Persada Jakarta! Waw! Of course this became a shocking news a few days before Bandung fourth series begins. But wait! The transfer clausal both players is only lending because Ferdinand Damanik still under contract with the PJ until June 2015. Therefore, if Damanik needed at next season, maybe he will re-drawn by PJ. During on NBL seasons (since the 2012-2013 season), we can see that this player who lived in Philippines has a good skill. 
Anggi during exercise
Ferdinand dunk

And of course this will be an interesting in NBL Indonesia Bandung IV series which will be coming on 7 March. May I say, sometimes trade and transfer between players like expect the unexpected things :D