Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Typical Drawing by Indonesian Children :D

Hi, still recognize this picture?

Picture that has its outline design very "cliché" and typical (for Indonesian children everywhere) in general. The parts that can't be separated from the picture is: the mountain, the sun, and road. The rest, depending on child creation, which can be added with clouds, birds (which is more like the shape of letter M), tree ​​(with its sleeping position), rice fields (which is more like the shape of letter V). 

How? Looks familiar? Hahaha.

But most children (including me) seem to be less creative when assigned to draw scenery. Most of them drawing the same pattern, ya, just like that. I think children has beautiful imagine on their head, but it can not translate well by hand. (Well, it happened to me so hahaha).