Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 7 Blog Challange: If I Won The Lottery

Hmm, actually, this is a difficult question, because I never play lottery :D But I can imagine it wisely. If someday, I win the lottery, no matter how lot the number, I will share it to those who have more right than me to receive the money.  

No hypocrite. I need much money too. We all need much money, yes. I have sooo many needs as a human, correct. But, when you talk about 'mercy' as a humanitarian, this is what I had in mind. Let's look at them the elderly in nursing homes, or children with special needs around us, as well as I think it is wonderful to share with them all joy and happiness. I know, they are not trained to ask for money, or hoping for mercy from us. No. I am surely understand. However, as an example: for children with special needs, we can use that money for something more to educate and train their motor-nerves. They don't need much money to show you that they are happy. If you are asking them: how you feel today? I am sure, they will show you how happy they are. With what? With their smile that they will give to you. How simple to be mercy for other, No? Than I spend that money on a toast with friends or fill my shopping chart with many stuff. You know, that man is born to pursue satisfaction, and to which you pursue worldly satisfaction, when will you be satisfied? Isn't that depend on humanity and gratitude that you have? 

I also want to build a counseling place for assaulted women and children. A place without judgment, a place to recover their physical and mental trauma, a place to warm them as 'precious human', a place to develop their skills and provide them a better education about 'mercy'. I think we all can provide encouragement and support for their mental development, so that they are able to survive in the future. Believe me, it's not easy to build their confident after all.


Bening Rahardjo