Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 2 Blog Challange: 20 Facts About Me

Okaaay, so #20FactsAboutMe is trending now, and I got tagged by my friend. Now, I wanna share to you all #20FactsAboutMe, here there are:

1. I have published several posts and articles under the pseudonym, "Bening Rahardjo", which is 'Bening' adopted from my nickname and 'Rahardjo' from father-clan-name. And just for sure, I really love my nickname, Bening. People say it sounds unique.

2. I am twenty-something-years old woman and single. With a bit spicy flavor in my romance story. Well...I am a woman, but an unlucky girl. I am a survivor for my illness and my bad-hole-past. I prefer to admire the sun-rising than the sunset (saya lebih suka menatap matahari terbit daripada menikmati langit senja). Just for sure, I don't like 'dark place' anymore. Saya nggak suka kegelapan. I always think that 'the dark' could rise 'the nightmare'. 

3. I am not an arrogant, self-centered, chauvinistic or something. But I stand for every words I said. Then you call me 'a-high-principle'? No. Just know me better, then judge me :)

4. I am humanitarian, yet sensitive about assaulted 'women and children' topic. FYI, I often overreact to this topic. I love advocacy, especially an active espousal for women and children. For me, even just a word, advocacy won't be silence.

5. I am not genius IQ nor bloody-photographic-memory. Note it. I am just still learning.

6. I have lovely pet, turtles named Tora and Sasha. And a baby-ornamental-fish named Milo. I adopted them since their was 5 months, but then Sasha and Milo died. Tora still alive until now he is about 5 years old :))

7. I ever got accident twice during two hours in one night with my motorcycle (trip from Yogyakarta to Solo), and both caused by the traffic light.

8. I am Basketball lovers: NBA-NBL Indonesia-WNBL Indonesia. Just a fan of Pau Gasol and A.C.Green. Omg, Pau, he's so damn sexy!! And so did to Kelly Purwanto aaaaakkk *melted* I ever got injured on my knee because played basketball when I was at college.

9. I am a freak for purple-green-yellow color! I have many collection of hijab and unique-accessories: necklace and bracelet. 
10. I graduated from Communication Science, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. With terrible effort, with terrible years too. I ever worked as Enumerator and as Creative Team at one public radio at Yogyakarta to survived as long as 5 years.

11. I am Miss Wordsmith, I love toxic in my creative process, like a fricking-inspiration-words in my fairly-inspirational-pyrotechnics at fantasia-lala-land.

12. Sensitive-super-moody yet too-much-blind-panic-person too. Hell to the O, I had many stupid circumstance because this blind-panic. But I feel completely in control when I am being Miss Wordsmith to person I love.

13. When I cook, it often feels salty. My sisters and brothers often complained me. Lol. And I like to drink Ultra-Milk UHT.

14. In love with genius-billionaire-philanthropist-man. In love with autumn. In love with the smell of air when rain comes. In love with the blue water and the beach. In love with tea and honey. In love with red lipstick :)

15. Addicted with my super-mate: The Red Ants (Pelaku Antologi, Dieta Puspitasari, Arie Ukie, and Ahmad Fuad Nugroho)

16. I am simple woman with big dreams, and my dream car is Classic Mini Cooper with its purple color.

17. I ever got kicked out of math class because came too late (2 hour after lesson has started).

18. I ever took a wrong train from Yogyakarta to Purwokerto (which is, I should back to my home town, Solo), without ticket too. I cried and begged to the conductor, it was soooooo stupid thing ever. 

19.  I am bookwarm and movieholic. I am fan of Derek Hale, he's so damn HOT werewolf!!

20. I don't like shopping-mall or being in a small store with crowd people there.

That's all 20 Facts About Me :)