Saturday, January 9, 2016

Matchmaking :|

Last night my aunt and uncle came to our house, they visited us. We sat for dinner while having chitchat, occasional laughter. Without my thought, the conversation between mom, uncle and aunt was initially light, the longer it became into a little heavy discussion. They began to lead their conversation to marriage young couple topic. Ulalaaa. I chose to concentration with food on my plate. It came into conversation where my aunt told us like this:
Aunt: "One of my friend asked me to find a husband for her daughter."
Mom: "What was your answer?"
Aunt: "I refused her."
Mom: "Why?"
Aunt: "We didn't want be blamed if it turned out that the groom was not their criteria."
Uncle: "Yeah, though we had many candidates to be introduced to the girl."
Mom: "Oh if that so, why don't you give a chance to my daughter?"

(Uhuk! Suddenly, I got a cough. The food started a caught in my throat.)
Aunt: "Her?"
Mom: "Ya, I would be happy if you can find someone who suit her."
Uncle: "Really?"
Mom: "Yea, why not?"
(Oh, mom....please.... I started taking my water, it seemed ice water from refrigerator enough to calm my face) *shame*
Aunt: "But....Isn't she already has a boyfriend"
Mom: "Really?"
Aunt: "Ya, just ask her."
Uncle: "Is that right, honey?"
Me: "........."
Aunt: "Hahaha, maybe she is too embarrassed to answer."
Me: "........"
Uncle: "What's your criteria? Tell me, I have many candidates for you, if you want."
Me: "......."

Man! It felt embarrassed ... :(