Friday, January 24, 2014

The Body Care Product

This maybe sounds insignificant, but I am sure, many of the readers who don't know the difference between body butter and body lotion. Or maybe you do not know how to use body mist? To select the type of skin treatment, you should pay attention to the circumstance and what skin needed to reach maximum results for your skin. Okay, let's talk about it.

1. Body Lotion
This moisturizer is the most dilute because it contains water. So the formula is lighter than other moisturizer. Choose a lotion that absorbs quickly and not too greasy. Use on the whole body after bathing and at any time when the skin feels dry. Body lotion is good to use for those who have normal to dry skin and isn't too problematic. The equation of body lotion with body mist is directly protect your skin from environmental conditions that cause changes in your skin. The difference is body lotion has humidity level higher than the body mist. If you use body lotion regulary, it can protect your skin when you on activities.

2. Body Scrub
It has benefits and efficacy to help us rejuvenate and care for us skins from dull skin, unlock skin pores at the same time so your skin can breathe and absorb nutrients from beauty products. It also makes skin become white and can nourish the skin. Body scrub also help us to remove the remains of pile dead skin cells and nourishes skin. Not only that, body scrub also makes our skin becomes smooth.

3. Body Mist
Body Mist has liquid form. The use of body mist is more flexible because it's form as liquid in a spray bottle. Body mist contains oil that can bind water to the skin or moisture condition that needed so skin is not easy dehydrated. Body mist is perfect for use when you have activity in the air-conditioned room which usually causes skin to dry faster.

4. Body Cream
Body cream has more viscous form and contains more oil than body lotion. Body Cream suit to use on our body part that tends drier than the other, like arms and legs. This product also good to use in tropical and cold weather, if you go to the dry area or have activity in the air-conditioned room. Let the skin remains moist, use body cream right after bathing. 

5. Body Butter
Body butter has a moisture content. The highest fat content makes its shape like butter. It's good to used by the people who often has activities on air-conditioned room, because it can moisturize and smooth skin. It's deeply moisturize and provide nutrients for dry skin. Have the basic ingredients that contain fat such as nuts and fruits. Body butter should be used at night before bed.