Sunday, January 19, 2014

Medical Check Up

I actually kind of person who afraid of needles, and another medical-check-up tools. Besides, I was paranoid with the doctor since last few years. Not because of my illness, but because of people closest me (family), died in the hospital. And for some time, I had face to face with the doctor (with a very serious face). When I look at the hospital's tools, it's making me paranoid. A bit. I dunno why. And again, for a particular business, it asks me to deal with medical check-up (again). Good. Blood-sampling, urine-tests, and other medical tests. Help. Help :(

Waiting for med-check up result
But it was ok, after done all of my med-check up, I ate my delicious super late lunch. Tasty porridge and dim sum. At least, it been my mood-booster :p