Monday, January 20, 2014

NBL Indonesia Season 2013-2014: BSC Bandung Utama

Hi NBL Indonesia lovers! Now, I want to talk about one new basketball club from Bandung who got  into NBL Indonesia competition on this season. Yes, BSC Bandung Utama is one of some new clubs that get into NBL competition. 

Actually, BSC Bandung Utama is a merger of two basketball club named BSC Jakarta and Bandung Utama. BSC Jakarta has started into the highest Indonesia Basketball League (In 2000, it called KOBATAMA or Kompetisi Bola Basket Utama) since 2000 with their name Citra Satria club and turned into BSC since 2013. While Bandung Utama is a basketball club in Bandung, which competed in First Division league at  PERBASI Bandung. Then these two club officially merged as one, BSC Bandung Utama, on July 2012. Then they prepared to NBL Indonesia competition on season 2013-2014.

Initially, I thought this club is a minority club, like new club as always. And I did not really keep about the track of this club in the last pre-season 2013-2014. But as soon as I watched live streaming between my favorite club, CLS Knights versus BSC Bandung Utama, last night. Suddenly, I fell in love with this club, haha. Omg. I couldn't say anymore. They played so well last night. As well as they made Knights getting throe from first to last quarter. Initially, the players of BSC Bandung Utama who I really knew  was only Surliyadin #52 (because he has good face and make me melting since first haha) and Khalif Akbar #14 (because he played for Aspac Jakarta ago). And suddenly I know, that BSC Bandung Utama has another good players, like Jekky Sagala #9, Haritsa Herlusdityo #17, Luke Martinus #32, Andre Tiara #16, Andri Hermawan (15) and the big man Hendrik Agustinus #7.
From L-R: Surliyadin #52, dityo #17, hendrik #7, khalif #14, and Jekky #9

Surliyadin's dunk
Last night, Dityo #17 and Andri #15 made me more fell in love with this club. They tried to fight back through some three-point shot. And also very nicely acrobatic-passing between the players. As new club, I thought they were able to show their quality in this highest Indonesian basketball league. Good effort!