Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a "Hi" To a "Something"

Dear something...
Finally, this wordsmith no longer able to reveal that mesh.. because it leads me to a perfection that will always be unread and unexplained.
Finally, the shape lost its visual, because there appear a sense that lighter my days with a whisper.

Dear something... 
Maybe you forgot, even the wind could give coolness, although we never expected its direction.
Maybe you forgot, that spark light can turned on the fire, although we had to wait a little longer.

Now, we are stepping the phase, a bit more closer to the real fusion of becoming one, through the chronicle. And slowly we realize that the chronicle was going undisputed by anything, although it's only luminescence of line story. Though the red color no longer be favorites, but I will be bravery for your shield. Just says to the things that you afraid of, that here wordsmith which become your breath.

-as clear as you call my name-