Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Freelancer Prototype

Maybe all newbie freelancer and young entrepreneur in the world had to face these same problems. To be an entrepreneur and freelance worker you should know all the things that needed first like: your own market preparation, thorough plans preparation, know how to take care of the taxes, maintain good relations with your partners and bla-bla-bla. There are times when you have to incur huge expenses for specific occasions. And this causes you to have to cover all costs that have come out in next time. It's not easy. It takes great mental to be whether an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Dare to start different?

There are big rules you should know, such:

Dealing with The Clients:

1. Look, in fact, not all of clients were fun to work with. There are clients that you hope never to deal with it. There are also clients who makes you feel stressed, make your emotions ready to explode, and even there are clients who not satisfied with your work. You have to learn quickly about this kind of person and learn how to handle it. Because, you can not choose what type of clients like what you want.

2. Precious and pleasant clients. You always feel happy to meet this type of clients and you can talk much without any formal limits with them. On the flip side, an amazing client is something you won’t ever want to loose.

3. Is it okay to refuse or hire the clients? Why not? You also have the right if you feel that jobdesc is beyond initial agreement and many absurd demand that finally make you ​​difficult to finish it. And you also have the right to give stern warning to clients that disrupt other clients comfort.

Dealing with Equipment and Software:

You should know the equipment and software that you used. At least, if you don't understand anything, it's important to keep good relation with your partners. They will help you when you find trouble with your equipment anmd software. Besides, good relation will increase credibility between you both. Remember, don't rush into thing that can make your relation going worse.

Dealing with Management:

Do a daily and weekly review. Look back on your day and see if you were successful in using the habits you want to develop. A daily review let you quickly course correct, and having a weekly review on Sunday evening puts things into perspective and let you plan ahead for the next week.

Entrepreneurs or freelancers are some of the most multiverse, multi-talented and diverse people out there. A successful entrepreneur puts on many different hats at the same time – They are a project manager, a risk-taker, an accountant, a marketer, a salesman… and in many cases, they are also a human-resource manager, a supply-chain manager, a customer-service and PR manager, and much more! That's all. What sometimes makes you ups and downs while working? How to cope? Try to maneuver for a moment and do that can make you proud. :)