Sunday, January 5, 2014

Do You Know How To Start-In-Stop-But-Continue ?

Morning people, I mean, really morning :p (I just post this update in really early sunday morning, right?). I dont want to do some excercise. I just want to refresh my brain with typing and remembering all the things I want to post here. Okay. Do you know how to start-in-stop-but-continue? Confusing right? Yeah...

Life taugh us about what is worth enough. You may say you look like do something, yet your actions contradict it. You start in stop. You don't need and don't have the plan for the start. But you are trully know that you have stopped. Then you keep it continue through you are trully know with your consciousness that you do some contradictive thing. What you call it? Stupid? No, it's not. This is definitely what so called dilemma. You stop to do thing, and the same time you realize that thing is worth enough to you. You get into your subconscious, then it give you encouragement to do an opposite explanatory. Tho you know, you will get hurt when you continue that thing.

Yea, everybody has their worth thing...
We just choose what's comfort for us and our ego. That's humane thing.