Thursday, January 16, 2014

Face Care: Analyze Your Skin Type

Facial Skin Care:

Before starting the treatment, it is better for us, to identify the type of skin first and know the problems that often arise.
Now, from the picture bellow, which one is your skin color? White, medium, brown, black?

Maybe I am one of few people who disagree with advertisements of beauty products that says: healthy skin is white skin. It's totally wrong. Bad judgement at all. That's why may people wants to have white skin, then they buy so many whitening products than cause damage, irritation and even cause serious problems on their skin. Mom always told me like this: healthy skin is glowing skin, it's no matter with what colors of your skin.
I am not people with white skin too. I have normally skin color like Indonesian people almost. Brown, tan brown. Tho, I have skin color mixed by mother line (Indonesia/Malayan Mongoloid race) and father line (Netherlands/Kaukasoid race), but I think its prefer to mother line. It's not have to be white to look beautiful. 

I think Prisia Nasution represent Indonesian women skin color generally.
Look picture bellow to know about your skin color type:

Now, let's analyze about your skin type:

Which one is yours?

1. Oily Skin   

Characteristics:  - large pores
                         - oil glands are very active so the skin looks shiny
                         - troubled with acne and comedo, 
                         - skin texture is a bit rough.  
2. Dry Skin

Characteristics:  - no visible pores and smooth
                         - low levels of oil and water so the skin looks dehydrated
                         -  the skin easy to peel
                         - easy arising spots
                         - face tone is rather dull

3. Normal Skin

Characteristics: - small pores,  
                        - smooth skin texture
                        - face look fresh, 
                        - moisture and oil balance
                        - rarely have skin problems

4. Combination Skin

Characteristics:  - the T areas is generally often oily,  
                         - while the U areas are generally dry 

5. Sensitive skin

Characteristics: - skin easily reacts to environmental factors, such as air and sunlight
                        - irritation persists,  
                        - skin looks dry and scaly
                        - acne scars difficult to remove,
                        - reddening skin 

Now, if you already know about your skin, you can determine what products are suitable for your skin! :)