Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Letter From Daughter

Four days later is your birthday...   
This may be a missed birthday, without your present. And we still don't have a special gift for you. Even though we haven't a special gift for you yet, we've been thinking about the most beautiful gift for you. Promise, I will show you later, after that gift is realized. I hope you see it from there.

Do you hear me?  
When we can talk about our wishful thinking again? I promise, I will not argue you. I've always argued almost all words and wishful thinking from you, indeed. Instead of feelings from daughter to her father during discussion. It's normal, right?.

Yostri and Rahma has finished their final exam today. On next 5th May, it would be Lintang's turn to take her final exam. You had talk with them about the goals and the focus of their studies, right? They all  have grown up now. Brother also has found his new job, may he find convenient and passion in his new job. And me, I was still faithful to our business, this was your dream business since first. I'm just forward your step. At January ago, it turned out, mom was still not pension. Lot of our hilarious stories that you've missed since June ago. If you were here, it would surely adds our "ridiculousness" discussion everyday.

I will find the right man as your hope, man who are good in his worship, smart and hardworker. Would you be proud from there? Well, I missed your guava juice, I missed when you cooked instant noodles for us. I missed to help you washed the kitchenware. I missed all simply things that you did for us.

You know, ain't gonna lie sometimes I wish I had a "dad", but it's whatever, I'm proud where I'm with the best one daddy like you. I remember that moment when you pick me up from the airport and say "I hope one day after pension, me and your mom can go umroh together". I remember that moment when we had a big fight, but still I always thought about you late at night, and cried over side of my stubborn.

Dad, this full moon will always remind me of you, how I miss my old man. Thank you for the encouragement you gave for me, for brother, for all of us. And you know, I love you so so so so much... No matter what. 

To: My beloved daddy 
At the most convenient resting place.


Your dissident daughter