Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Jakarta Series V NBL Indonesia Season 2013-2014

A half of hours again to a big match M88 Aspac Jakarta versus Satria Muda Britama and Pelita Energi Jakarta versus CLS Knights Surabaya. The two big match in opening day of Jakarta series is may practically equivalent to grand final match. The fourth was clubs that became on the fout top of NBL Indonesia champion until now. The whole team began poised to determine best position before Championship Series in Jogjakarta, June. Jakarta series started from today to nine days toward (19-27 April 2014). All clubs are competing for eight tickets to Championship Series.  Jakarta series V become competition for three-host-team, there are Satria Muda (SM) Britama, M88 Aspac, and Pelita Jaya Energi Mega Persada.All three clubs were equally pack 38 points. These three giant clubs meet each other and chasing top position. Well...let's see the game!!