Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It’s just very normal for people to say "When are you will get married?" to single person like me, and then when I say "Actually, I don’t know yet when I am going to get married", and people will say "See, many people as your own age are married, what are you waiting?". 

Well, twenty five old years woman (and it will be twenty six soon on next July, anw). A good age for woman to get their happy marriage and happy family. Then it's like a social legitimacy that women (normal) "should" be married at twenty five old years--or more younger than it. Maybe people will not feel satisfied with answers like, "I don't know yet". Sadly, people choose to be happy with their sarcastic disclaimer and greeting like "spinster" or "flunky" will beautifully inherent as predicate that definitely given by society, for those people who are not married yet in their mature age. 
Mature. It's like a gray zone where are it become relatively "common" to each individual. Okay, instead of someone called mature or immature to step into marriage, no romance with that. I think humans like to settle down with that one special someone who makes their life stable. Right? Stable, it mean someone who are appropriate with us and our daily live.

It's same if people say a question like "When are you guys will have babies?" to married people. See? A kind of something that can be attempted but not sure "when" it will happen. But still, people wont short of understand that clause. Probably because people are considerate like that (whereas, it's more like sarcastic than considerate thing anw). Now, do me a favor and go back to answer that question I write above. There are people who can reach out the meaning of "smile" answer, else there aren't. The lucky-bastard-predicate (or maybe a-vedy-well-prejustice) that given by society may also bestowed by God for humans. Read this thorough: marriage or baby born can not occurs whenever we want, tho we really want it and have sought it well.So, if single people have not married yet and married couple have not their babies yet, it doesn't mean a curse. No excuse to abuse other.

Without we know, in other part of this world, there are someone that say like this: