Monday, April 14, 2014

Step Toward The "Secret"

When you're inches away from leaving, everything seems nicer than before. Ever. True, right? Ya, all things that hold you with arrogance in the past, then disappear and it give bright colors in your new page. It force you to meet joy and cheer that always you want to share with people around you. Let this sentence work over your mind and heart: "Forgive them even if they are not sorry". Refusing to forgive something hurt at the past, will hurt you more. Never hardened to the things that will hurt ourselves more. When you can love, forgive, and take a lesson from everything that you have passed, so that there remained "peaceful" upon your life. Don't be afraid, if something at your past is too good to be forgotten.. So, never force to forget, if it were to be settled in your heart, then let it there. You know what, the best future is secret future, which nobody know anything about that, an even better....everybody walks toward that secret...