Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Career and Commitment Relationship

I was not sure how to take this. Why is marriage--or, more generally, any long-term committed--would be too distracting when we're working our way up the career ladder. Why is marriage nowadays become something you put off until you've accomplished certain things, rather than having someone to accomplish them with. Ideally, the joy of long-term commitment is having someone beside you, with you, to share the joys and the burdens of life. But then, people would prefer to place it in the last position among other options from their life goals list, such as education and career. When a commitment to your partner do matters to other options of your life goals, then it's not a good relationship. Some of the circle of power thought it was an impossible dream of a foolishly idealistic poser. Many people became afraid to be confronted with 'commitment', whatever its formed. They enjoyed what they achieved, without feeling 'distracted' by something that based on responsibility. Yes, we now have a culture in which people are frightened of what the future might hold and are terrified of taking risks--such like 'commitment'. We rose the career ladder, traveled the world and had a 'freedom'. Yes, we were--and still are. Most of us, still feel 'safe' when there lot of people around us were holding on a similar thought. However, it would feel like a 'scary thing' when we are in touch with reality, where one by one people around has been found their own commitments on 'marriage'. There is something forgotten by these people in this case. We are likely to need yet another revolution and a powerful vision that makes our life better and keeps the people in charge of their wisdom. Yes, life need wisdom and ingenuity within. If we have learned anything, we have learned that marriage is the vocation to which you committed yourself.


Bening Rahardjo