Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Monotony of Student Life

This is what really happen in Google when you go to search with keywords 'school makes me'. Wow! Look, what's Google tells us about school! We may ever complained about how hard it is to learn Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, Geography, etc.,No? Then we feel like a failure when we have learned well, but still could not pass the test. I'm sure we all have similar experience. When you get a bad score and it feels like you are ashamed, want to cry. Especially if other friends (who even by cheating) can get good score more than us. I think the world stops spinning. Okay, perhaps this is become too much, but I'm sure we've all feel uncomfortable things about the school too.

I think, there are at least 10 reasons why students don't feel comfortable with their school:

1. 'Killer' teacher
It is often feared by most students due to teacher who is authoritarian. This may not realized by the teacher itself but instead realized by students who freak out when forgot to do homework that provided by the teacher. This is the most common reason why students don't attend school.

2. Super lots homework
The most often reason when you ask student like: "Why you don't like school anyway?". The answer will be like this: "Of course, can you imagine how we have lots of homework to do many times, even in our summer holiday?". How could this happen? It could happen because one teacher gives lots of homework to their students with no idea of how many homework also given by other teachers, so that students feel burdened. It could made students lost their spirit to study.

3. Minimum of school facilities
Well, it's also that I often hear. Sister of mine said, "Why there is no AC in my class, huh?". Ya, sometimes school facilities become an important grip so that students can rise their spirit to study, but in the other side it will add the cost of tuition too.

4. Bullying-everywhere
In accordance with school policy from unknown which sounds "Students with dominant group will intimidate minority group whereas the strong group will be the winner and the minor group will be the loser. It only can overcome by a revolution in that school (from the students itself)". That is one reason why many students hate school, especially students who are often bullied at school.

5. Boring-lesson 
The most hated subjects by students especially like: Physics, Mathematics (Algebra), Chemistry, Biology, History, even English, for not understood reasons. For students who already hated school, one minute seemed an hour. An hour seemed days. 

6. Do not understand the explanation that provided by teachers
Sometimes, students don't understand the explanation of a lesson given by teacher, but she/he doesn't want or doesn't dare to ask, so what happened later is boredom all long day in class.

7. Have no friend
If it becomes the reason too, maybe we can see details to personal of that student, whether he/she is less sociable, or other reasons that cause interaction is not developed between he/she and his/her social.

8. The dirty toilet 
I think the issue of cleanliness and convenience of toilet is also one reason why student don't like school, to be honest, when I was in high school, I often lazy to go to toilet with this reason. I think it is bit disgusting.

9. Too long school hour
I experienced it myself, especially when we are sitting at the end level of school, we will be offered by additional hours outside of school hours, which makes student very very stuck and tired (of course). Let us remember: It is not how long the hours of study that determine whether knowledge can/can not be absorbed by someone, but rather to 'QUALITY' of study itself. The more tired student, the more difficult his/her brain power to absorb knowledge.

10. Less money to buy snack for lunch
The reason is very strange, but there is also a reasonable way. However, don't blame their parents for this reason.  

Guys, sometimes, person need another person as a driver or a mentor in life. For example: friend, girlfriend, or spouse. You can do the same by looking for a person/community that can help or motivate your learning and achievement. Hang out with people who love to learn, can make us loves to learn too. In addition, try to find person or community that has good habit in study. Ask for their experience so we can learn something useful from them. Learn something here is widely understood, both formal and informal. We can learn about variety of skills such as assembling a computer, learning to write, make films, sailed entrepreneurship, and others.



Bening Rahardjo