Friday, October 10, 2014

Sakitnya Tuh Di Sini Phenomenon

Hi everybody!

Do you ever heard  a famous sentence "Sakitnya tuh di sini..." on Meme Comics or whatsoever? Maybe many reader from Indonesia has familiar enough with this sentence. Yep. Many people used that sentence to express their heartache or their disappointment.

Anyway, here's  "Sakitnya Tuh Di sini" song that sung by Cita Citata which become famous too because these phrase:

Okay, if you wanna know what the meaning of "Sakitnya tuh di sini", first, let's see these pictures below:

So, the phrase of "Sakitnya tuh di sini" like shows us where's the pain which someone feels because of their heartache or their problem or their disappointment. This phrase becomes familiar enough after used by almost youth in their social intercommunicate.

See ya later!