Saturday, October 11, 2014

United UGM!

Great applause for my almamater, Gadjah Mada University, which has pioneered the development of an introductory activities for college student, or commonly referred to "Ospek". Yep, I am proud to see the development of Ospek UGM that full of creativity and not just 'verbal violence' as it has become a mere 'cultural' Ospek in education field. The new college students were actually given an understanding of 'unity in diversity' and sense of patriotism. Even in the last day closing of Ospek UGM, they did inaugural with a large formation that describes 'love' for Indonesia.

Okay, you can check pictures below to see the formation. Here I took it from PPSMB Palapa UGM official account. Anyway, PPSMB Palapa has a deep philosophy. Palapa itself is the name of Patih Gadjah Mada's oath to unites the archipelago.

Our Grha Sabha Pramana, memorial place

The rector, Mr. Pratikno torch lit as a sign of inauguration

The freeze mob at Kaliurang Street by 9000 new students.

Parade "Indonesia Archipelago" formation by Gamada 2012

Parade "Indonesia Raya" formation by Gamada 2013

Parade "Garuda Indonesia" formation by Gamada 2014
United UGM! Rise up!