Thursday, November 6, 2014

How To Do Simple Nail Arts

For almost women, beautiful appearance is not only looked by the face, but whole body parts. One of them is nails. In order to have a healthy and beautiful nails, there are many women who spend a lot of time and cost to do nail care at salon. By having beautiful nails, then they will feel more attractive in appearance. In this modern era, many beauty salons that offer nail care services to color it using nail polish or the other.

With high creativity, nails can be created more beautiful and unique. The technique to decorate nails is called nail art. Its method is quite simple, we can do it at home. Do you want to know? 

There are 2 methods:
1. Manual print is paint directly on the nail and it is the most widely used today. The equipment that used only brushes and nail polish. 
2. Air brush painting is another manually technique, this technique uses a small compressor. And it usually use fake nails that glued to natural nail.

Rather than spending time and money at the salon, you can do it at home. You just need to set up nail polish, nail polish remover, small brush, and creativity. Here I do nail arts by myself, I am still amateur, forgive me.

Tips: For muslim women, do nail arts only when you are menstruating, because when you go for wudhu, water can not moisture your nails, if you are wearing nail polish.

Give a try!