Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Man Cooking

Today, I just reached home after had weekend out of the town. I met my stepbrother-sister and stepmother there. We had quality time which rarely we had. At least, I tasted food that cooked by my stepbrother. It reminded me of some memories at past, when we stayed at one house. Everyday we laughed together when he taugh me to cook. When we had our dinner, my stepbrother told me that he would running his new business. He would open new restaurant. I was curious and asked everything about that plan. 

"So,...,What menus would you serve in your restaurant?"
"Umm, I would like to serve menus like soup and porridge at the morning and I would serve Indonesian food at night. I am aiming for specific market"
"Waw, that sounds interesting!"
"Yea, I've analyzed the market too!"
"And the location?"
"Near Ambarukmo Plaza, the left side, you still remember?"
"Good. Ya, I remember it. By the way, who's the chef? You've got a guy for this?"
"I am the chef"
"YOU???" (a bit choke) 
"You didn't know if I can cook???"
"Hey, don't underestimate me. I can cook well!"
"No, okay, I mean, yes...I knew you can cook well"
"Of course!"
"Yea, but what I really knew, it was just for noodles".
"Heey, better than that!"
"Yes. You've never seen me cooking, that's why. I used to go to a cruise school, remember?"
"Ya, I remember it. But, seriously???"
"Okay, I'll make breakfast for you tomorrow morning that ye may believe me!"
"Ha-ha,....,okay! Sounds nice!"

And the morning, he really woke up early just to cook breakfast for us. Oh God! Haha. I really missed my brother!
*God, thanks for blessing me with big family :)