Thursday, June 26, 2014


Yesterday, my youngest sister Lintang suddenly shouted after read a broadcast that she received on her BBM group. While me and Rahma stood beside her just looked each other. "Nooo! I have to call old brother now! I have to tell him about this!" Lintang murmured. Then she had a talk on phone with someone (on loudspeaker). Then I knew it was my old brother, he still worked at his office. Everyday he worked until 9 p.m. Lintang talked to my old brother with enthusiastic voice and innocent face. Here's the conversation:
"Ya, what happen?"
"Brother you have to hear this. I have good information for you!"
"Tomorrow Misteri Dunia Lain on Trans TV will take shooting in our town! It's really!"
"Brother? Do you hear me?"
"Umm, yes..."
"Listen, you should apply for Uji Nyali talent! Okay?"
"Later, if you win, you will get lot of money from it. Believe me, you have to try!"
"I forgot, it's about 1 million rupiahs maybe, or less than that. Whatever. I dont care. But you have to try okay?"
"If you win that talent, you can buy delicious food for all of us! Or, can give me money, how about 1 hundred thousand rupiahs? Yes. 1 hundred thousand rupiahs for each of us! How?? You're must be interesting on this!"
"Hallo, Brother? Are you there? Are you listening to me?" 
"What do you mean? I have to try? Wa, wait..."
"Yes! Sure! Tonight the registration will be closed in 9 p.m at Lor Inn Hotel"
"What? Hey.... Wa, wait...."
"Hey! It's 8.30 p.m right now. Look! You still have half of hour to get there!"
"Dear, shut your mouth please! I want to asking you!"
"Ummm... Okay? What do you want to ask?"
"You phone me on this night just because you want me to be their TALENT on UJI NYALI???"
"Yes! And the location is already full with people too right now"
"So,.....Are you HIRING me to get money for you all by UJI NYALI???"
"Right! Okay brother, sorry my pulse is getting less"
"Okay brother, I'll text you the talent requirement, read it well. Bye maksimal!"

Lintang put her handphone off. I looked each other to Rahma, then we laughed lot over that conversation. Hahaha. That was SILLY CONVO EVER between Old brother with my youngest sister! Omaigad! 

Guys, if you want to know what is Masih Dunia Lain Trans TV Show and Uji Nyali, you can googling it. Believe me, you will laugh too :d