Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indonesia Candidate President 2014 Debate

Well, apa kabar people

Have you seen Indonesian 2014 presidential debate between candidates that aired last night (9 June 2014)? Candidate number one is Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Rajasa. While candidate number two is Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla. Have you chosen candidate who will you support in the presidential election next 9th July? If you have not seen it yet, it is very important for you--the prospective voters--to see their debate below:

The debate guided by Zaenal Arifin Muchtar (aka Ucheng), the director of Pusat Kajian Anti Korupsi (Anti-Corruption Advocacy Center) Gadjah Mada University. Many pros and cons due to Ucheng election as moderator of debate last night. Although looks nervous in some segments, but the election of Ucheng as moderator in this debate is wise indeed. In addition to its credibility, he is also considered neutral due to both sides candidate. In spite from the same almamater with me. To answer many doubt why he could be elected as moderator for debate last night, please you read his tweet timeline on official twitter account.
About the debate, vision and mission of each candidate is exposed clearly enough here, though it has not touched detailed aspects of each crucial sectors in Indonesia. There are some strategies which I think is quite interesting from each candidates to be implemented in order to support vision and mission that they formulated, either Prabowo or Joko Widodo. I was actually surprised when many Indonesian are debating their own opinion about each candidates so it seems like a black campaign. I think each candidate has its strengths and weaknesses and it is normal. Whoever president and vice president elected laterthere are equally has strengths and weaknesses. However, both are equally smart and charismatic. Prabowo with strict and disciplined manner, while Jokowi with polite and slow manner. They are fitted with partners who are both smart and experienced too.

The only problem is maturity of the voters in responding black campaign addressed to both candidates. Anyone who would be president and vice president later, if the voter attitudes and political views is still immature, Indonesia would not stepping into better change. There could be three groups of voters after they watched debate between candidates aired last night. 

First, group of voters who had their choice from beginning (even since the candidate declared himself first). Their choice based on initial interest about charisma of the candidate, perhaps they had their choice with limited knowledge about credibility and background of the candidate too. But it perhaps because the voters are loyal supporter of the candidate since first. Included in this type, they might be first time voters (I mean, the voters who would be vote for the first time in presidential election 9th July later).

Second, group of voters who had their choice after debate that aired last night. This voters based their choice on vision and mission are exposed and explained in debate by each candidates. This type of voters listened carefully and thoroughly, what is exposed by the candidate. Thence they really choose by sight and hearing as well as what they think it's good and suit with their view.

Third, group of voters who had still no decision (although they have watched debate last night). The voter who are in this type would really look at two candidates to the election day deadline. They are very thorough in determining their choice. They learned and collected lot of track record of each candidates. Therefore, when they gave vote right, they was feeling very confident and "recognize" the candidate.

So, in which type of voters you are included to?

Remember, within any type of voters you are, as long as you need to give your vote with the main principles of election: direct, public, free, secret, honest and fair (aka luberjurdil).