Thursday, June 12, 2014

Psychological Trauma

In my previous post, I wrote some keyword such like trauma, recovery, illness, bitterness, past, etc. Even I could not tell you details about what incident that I left behind, but I would to tell you about the problem I have since that incident. 

For some people, past is just a past, what things happen at the past is only memories. They will easy to forget or to remind memories as they want to. Whether it is good or bad memories. Wise people say that good memories will lead you to be grateful person. While bad memories will lead you to be more careful thorough your life. But for some other people, past is not just a past. Past has consequences. Past is a part of circuit which can not be separated from present or future. They will always remember all part both good or bad at the past. Though, it is only partial that the pieces memory will be lost slowly. I may include in this type. 

An incident that I faced in my past, simply can not be separated from present and future. Although I have taken pains to reject and tried to making peace with my mind. Even, I lost some part of my memories of past. The effect, I have difficulty in remembering matter in present, we can say that I become forgetful woman. I went to a psychiatrist when I was at college, it was because I have to manage the main problem that caused by the incident, yes emotions. My emotions which could swing badly. I took some while to convince my self that I felt safe. But last night, I was wonder when (apparently) I still could not fully release the trauma of that incident. Although it has lasted more than ten years ago. I still seized nightmares and fears of incident at the past. Though, I've convinced myself that I had to live in peace nowadays. But, once more, it turned out I still could not eliminate all trauma.

Beginning with my own experience, I want to share new post related to psychological trauma. What is psychological trauma? According to definition on Wikipedia, psychological trauma is a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event. Trauma can be caused by a wide variety of events, but there are a few common aspects. Then, what is a potentially traumatic event? Psychological trauma maybe caused by some frightened-event, painful-event, frightening incident, tragedy, painful events, sad event and even high-pressured-situations.

I exactly know that children who are suffering from traumatic symptoms generally difficult to manage their emotions. If there are any, I am sure, it is just a few. They may be fearful to new situations, easily frightened, and even do some destructive. I knew, because I am part of it. Bad past always strongly recorded on memory, it is not easy to forgotten. Then, are there any emotional symptoms which indicated by trauma sufferers? Okay, according to some sources, there are two symptom models:

1. Physical symptoms: Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping or insomnia, nightmares, aches and pains, being startled easily, heartbeat fast and etc.

2. Emotional symptoms: Anger, irritability, mood swings, fear or terror, feel helplessness and hopeless, easy panic, hypervigilance (being hyper-alert to danger), self-blame, disbelief or denial, shock, feeling insecure or lack confident to meet new person and etc.

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When trauma symptoms persist longer than 3 months, they are considered part of the syndrome of post-traumatic-stress-disorder or what so called PTSD. If PTSD symptoms are getting worse and it is not treated immediately with psychotherapy, it can cause depression too.

"A normal response to trauma becomes PTSD when you become stuck"


The symptoms can be fade through day by day, month by month, year by year. But sometimes, the painful or emotion will return by facing, looking or listening at the same situation that reminds survivors of their traumatic experience. In some cases, however, symptoms may take a long time to appear. The way of each person to face their psychological trauma is also different. There are people who find their safe after they 'go' as far as possible from environment that makes her/his memory will get worse towards the incident. There are people who choose to making peace with themselves and their traumatic events.

Thence, never judge people who are survivors of traumatic incident. You may know nothing about what are they feel about that incident. Give support to the survivors, don't isolate them just because they become introvert to the world. We have to reestablishing their trust of others. Be patient and understanding them if they are in bad-tense of emotions. Help them to socialize and relax. If the symptoms are getting worse some time, you have to take the person to nearest psychiatrist.