Friday, June 13, 2014

How To Choose Hijab Style That Suits You?

Now many hijabers who has created variety of hijab creations both paris drapery/square and pashmina. But sometimes, not all model fits you. Nowadays hijab has various types such like Paris, Turkish, Persian and Pashmina. Have you ever try it? Perhaps you will find lot of beautiful women out there who fit to wear many hijab styles. Begin from the simple one until the pile. It combined with clothes that begin from the Syar'i until the ludicrous one. There are some advice from me before you determine which one hijab that fits with your clothes:

1. Dress in decent and polite. But, be wise! DO NOT MIX belief with fashion. Fashion is fashion. And Syar'i is a must. 
2. It is not only because you FOLLOW fashion that being TREND-somewhat, then you are forced to wear model whereas it's not suits you. 

3. Do look its material too, whether it is appropriate and COMFORTABLE to wear or not.

4. Do not be afraid to look fashionable, but DO NOT OVERDO it. Dress in decent.

5. Mix your hijab color with clothes to look really fit. Do not too OVER CONFIDENT in using many colors. You will look more like "Ondhel-ondhel" than a "fashionista". Believe me. Because Islam teaches us to dress decently and not excessive.

6. Take care your face with water from Wudu (as always you pray/shalat 5 times a day) and use the right make-up.

7. Last, be proud with your hijab, but do not be arrogant, get respect from others with your manner and your look