Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Everyone is A Star

What a good day!

Yesterday, Bill Madden has complimented my profile and read my site. Just a few second after I wrote tweet and status about him in social media, there was a new inbox on my email. After read, I was bit shocked! There was notification that Bill has following me on twitter. For honest, I knew about him since long time. I heard his famous name since I was at college, 6 years ago maybe. I knew that he is an activist beside as a talented musician too. I've ever read his articles about women's right maybe some years ago. And, what a great surprise he has complimented my site days ago! Even more, he sent me greeting and message too. Oh my Lord Alloh... it was like mercy from You. When someone who has inspired me so much, then gave me compliment and his kind of words on message :')

Anyway, Bill, if you read this post, I am very very thank to you. You made my monday feels more blue! As blue as the bright clouds at the skies. You know, you've inspired many people in the world! Thank you for your kindness words too. Viva basketball, writing and activism! :)

Best regards,