Saturday, June 14, 2014

Grand Final Championship Series NBL Indonesia 2014: ASPAC vs SATRIA MUDA

Popup grand final NBL Indonesia Championship Series 2014

Hi NBL Indonesia lovers!

Wohaa!!! I just reached home after watched together the grand final NBL Indonesia Championship Series 2014 between M88 Aspac Jakarta versus Satria Muda Jakarta, with my little brother. It was held at UNY stadium Yogyakarta. The opening ceremony was great too, like always! Especially to the supporters, they were SUPER AWESOME!! The stadium are filled with too too many supporters! Waw! 

Like final championship a year ago, this final game presents EPIC game too. Though, I was bit disappointed because CLS Knights could not reach the semifinal, but it was okay. There are still Aspac and Pelita Jaya who are talented too.

The final game tonight indulged basketball lovers with reciprocal action from both team, ranging from 2 pt shot, 3 pt shot, passing, steal and block. They are really brilliant! In first quarter, they played as same as good. In second until third quarter, SM lead the game. But in last minutes at Q3, Aspac began hit SM back, and it maintained until the end of Q4. Really, it was a-very-epic-final and worthed to watch. 

Prastawa and Biboy did good performance at Q3 and Q4, while Xaverius and Pringgo did the same good performance at Q1 and Q2. But, I really gave my respect for Faisal from Satria Muda too. His 3 pt shot's accuracy was a GREAT! Like Prastawa at end Q4. Sebayang and Dodo did good performance too. I thought, if Aspac meet Pelita Jaya at final, they would be present epic game too.

At least, this final game showed the world that Indonesian Basketball has also been highly developed. Moreover, the final game was closed with powerful dunk from Biboy too. What a lovely game! Aspac won the game and back to the CHAMPIOOOONNN!!!

Perfect powerful dunk to ending the epic game from Biboy Aspac

ASPAC back to CHAMPION again!!!

Okay, it's enough to share with you, I think I need more sleep because World Cup and NBL Indonesia Championship series. God :|