Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beware: Fake Make Up

Make up is special thing that can not be separated from women, indeed. Make up can help to cover up the deficiencies on face. Nowadays make up can be purchased easily via online or beauty store directly. We can choose from standard brand to famous brand. But don't buy just any product, you have to check its originality first. Many sellers offering make up stuff from famous brands such as MAC, Benefit, Dior, Lancome, etc. with a fairly cheap price. Watch out for this! Then, what safe tips for purchase makeup stuff? Read these, hope it can help as well :)

1. The easiest way is purchase by official counter or online via official webstore please. Ex: MAC webstore

2. Check whether the barcode on packaging same with the box. Generally, the fake ones has no barcodes on product packaging, or it has different barcodes.

Fake product of Coastal Scents brand
3. Characteristics of mercury-containing cream is texture that would not blend as well when applied and the results reveal super fast. 
Look the texture and the color
4. The most easily found in the market are fake makeup brand MAC. Ex: For eyeshadow MAC, it has case box full and no glass, so eyeshadow colors can not be seen from outside without opening the case first. MAC original product only 2-palette, 4-palette-4, 6-palette or only an unit of eyeshadow cream.

5. The price is cheaper, and it combined in a single package. Ex: mascara and eyeliner in one package. The seller always give reason like "there are a promo sale" or bla-bla-bla.

Fake brush of Bobbi brown brand
6. Check variants and product number you want to purchase at official website of the brand.

May it helps you, ladies! Be careful before you purchase!