Thursday, February 20, 2014

BUNtastic Hair Do

For those ladies who have long hair, no need to be confused to make your hair look neat. Hair bun style is the answer. Bun means curl up the hair. Besides looks simple and concise, hair bun can make an oval impression of your face because it shows your neck. Hair bun style well suited for casual events or formal events too. How to make hair bun style more cool? Just add an accessories in your bun hair.

Korean people often bun their hair as simply as that

You can go to party with this hair bun style too :)

The steps:

    1. Tie your hair to the side.
    2. Put bangs and a little hair on side for natural impression.
    3. Make a hole in the middle that tied hair, put hair that has been tied into it.
    4. Gyre hair, then insert it into the existing hole at the base of the hair is tied up.
    5. Roll up and tie with a rubber hair.
    6. To be more neat, pin with bobby pin.
    7. Pin with hair bands or hair accessories to sweeten the look.

Casual bun style

Korean bun side style

Classic bun to go to formal event

Classic Bun Steps:
1. Ponytail the hair

2. Twist the ponytail to form a bun.  
3. Add bobby pins to hold the bun.  
4. Secure the bun with hairspray, so it's not easily separated.

Easy isn't it? Good luck, ladies! :)