Saturday, February 22, 2014

Laptop's Case Handmade

What's the common answer from man if they meet question like: how's the ideal woman to be wife as you dreamed of? Look, almost men maybe answer like this: A women who can make up well, dressing well, cook well, and caring family as well. And.. yeah, to be find the ideal type of woman as wife like this are extremely rare now. For little examples, hard to find a modern girl who knows how to cook and sewing well. I glazed at my self. Pheeww. At least, though not perfect in sense of cooking and sewing, but I proved that I learned well :p Here, I just prove that sewing by hand was not easy as what people say at all. I tried to make a laptop's case with hand stitching. And taraaaa... these are the result:

Not really bad right? :p