Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Read Mind Through the Eyes?

 ✽ From Eyes Wink 
As you know,  normal human eye blinks 8-15 times every minute. And if the frequency of blinking too often then certainly that person is feeling bored, at least that person is being stress or anxiety, it also refers to  a response to the things that they hear but they don't like.

✽ Eye Looking Into Top Left
If you are asking someone then his eyes move up and glanced to the left, then it is a sign that he trying to remember something or experience related to question you give. This means that direction of upper left involved with memory in brain, aka someone who is considering or saying a fact.

✽ Eyes Looking Into Top Right 
That needs to be alert! If you are asking someone then he/she stare at the upper right side, it indicates that people is not prepare to answer aka making up the answer. This means that the eye movement to tupper right side, can be significant to reverie, forgery or lying. Beware!

✽ Looking Into Bottom Left 
These cues eye movements usually indicate he/she was recalled, recall or take facts from brain memory. This means that he is taking an important decision, so he would remember from memory about the risk that would happen if he took such despair.

✽ Looking Into Bottom Right 
Usually these eye movement indicating creative but not a modified. This means that he is very connected with one's feelings. To prove it, try asking about "what do you feel when you fall in love?" And then try to see his eyes, slowly moves down to the right to recall the feeling when it happens.