Thursday, February 6, 2014

Refresh Your Mind With These Simple Steps :)

Feel bored with your daily activities? There are some easy ways to refresh your brain. Cekidot:

1. Music
Relaxing music is very beneficial for mental or mind. Refresh your mind by just sitting and listening to music. Music will make you feel better.

2. Exercise
Physical activity can stimulate physical energy and refresh your mind. If your heart works during exercise, then automatically concentration of mind will not focus on else. Routine exercise can also increase cardiovascular endurance.
3. Laugh
Laugh is the best medicine to ward off boredom. Laugh and humor can release endorphin hormone that improve our mood and happiness. This hormone is a chemical compound that makes a person feel happy. Laugh is the cheapest medicine for human health. This is true, because when laughing, biological mechanisms in your body for a while will transform into best medicine cause happiness. When someone laughing, heartbeat and blood pressure increases. It is useful to carry more oxygen to the organs.
4. Sleep
A quality sleep can re-invigorating our mind and make us feel better.

5. Bathing
Water that moistened your skin, can make your mind and body fresh and comfortable.

6. Massage
Massage is the perfect way to relieve all your tension and reduce stress.

So cheap and easy, isn't it? :)