Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Identify The Drama Queen?

By recognize the characteristics of a drama queen, it can be a provision to face his/her behavior later. What are the characteristics of drama queen?

1. Like to seek attention, emotions explosiveness, and selfish. Drama queen often do anything for the benefit of him/herself without caring whether the actions or words hurt and harm others
2. They are very nice and sociable, but manipulative, they like to exaggerate something, self-centered, selfish, and always want to be center.
3. Drama queen is very clever to blame others rather than face their own problems. She/he is happy to make other looks like her/his slaves.
4.  The principle is they should always get what they want. If normal way does not work, they will try all way, means, including a bad way also.
5. Don't be surprised if you find the drama queen is always emotional every time don't get what they want. Stay away and don't ever let yourself get into their game. Says: "whatever" if he/she attacks you verbally.
6. Tell to the drama queen firmly that you would never tolerate his/her behavior or you will break up your relation if he/she still acting outrageous.
May it be useful for you!