Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Holika-Holika Petit Jelly BB Cream

I knew this product name by some review from beauty blogger, I became curious about this BB cream, from its name sounded "unique" :p too girly or whatever. But really, this BB cream is good for recommend to you.

Nice packaging, not easy to spill and very cute bottle with its spatula! Well design with an attractive tosca color on its box.

What's offered by this product:
  • Easy blending on skin
  • Fully hydrated skin
  • Covering up of facial blemishes
  • Soft and bouncy skin
The texture:
I wonder with "jelly texture" here somehow, but believe me it's lightweight, contains 80% water, easy to applied and moist. And this BB cream comes with its unique sponge too (it's not some low-quality sponge anyway). So easy to applied. The oil control here is superb! It's suit for dry skins, normal skins or oily skins too. It can covered the T area as well. You can feel cooling sensation within when you first apply it.

Rp 207.000,00

How? You are interest to purchase? :)