Friday, February 14, 2014

Today After Mount Kelud's Eruption

This morning after we got a shock from Kelud's eruption, we still doing activities at home as usual, some institutions give instruction to take holiday due to Mount Kelud. We don't go anywhere because from mosque near my home, there are instruction to keep stay at home. I only going outside to minimarket and to buy some food. About 9.50 am, I am surfing with my notebook, mom watching news television. Suddenly I hear rumble sound like a thunder (I don't know whether it's the explosion again or not) and I hear our neighboor shout out like warning us to stay at home. Hurry I check the condition outside of home...and...really...we have terrible morning today, I look ash like a hurricane, with dark skies. The wind blows and makes visibility even less visible within 2 meters! I close the door and scream to my whole family, and turn out inside our house...there also terrible. I can't explain properly but there are like fume fills whole dark, we can't see everything about 2 meters front of us. I even can't see mom. It looks dark because the ash and power failure (remember, the atmosphere outside is bit dark, like an evening with its red skies, so we only have lamps to keep bright). We are so afraid. Stay at home feels like suicide also. I put my coat, masker and sun glasses. So do with my whole family. We don't need long time to think, then we stay at terrace, I even don't shut down my notebook. I just close it and save it under newspaper so it safe from ash (but it's bad choose anyway). Though the wind blows for a while, but it's totally make us trembling. The atmosphere just like when evening and the water here become dirty. We have to use masker and glasses whole day. Now, it's better than morning, but still we can't see the brightly sun whole day. I hope nothing will happen this night. But we have to keep standby. Look, we are aboout 177 kilometres from Kelud, it's just the affect from eruption. And, I really can't imagine how people near Kelud right now. God, please save us. Amiin.

Here, I have some pictures of Mount Kelud when eruption occured at 22.50 pm last night:

When eruption happen, the condition become bright as a day (while it's 22 pm, 13 February)

the height of eruption reach 17 kilometres (14 February)

You can see the skies there

Look the thunder that appear within the eruption

Look the thunder's scary





I also have video here, look, my phone has no flash, so the look here is original. You can imagine HOW DARK it is, and look at the red skies here too: