Saturday, February 15, 2014

Volcanic Ash By Mount Kelud

Though it's look same with Merapi ash at 2010 ago, but Kelud ash is more smooth. So it's more slick and it can caused accident at road. Volcanic ash by Kelud also covered the streets so the visibility is very limited. Because it is very soft, volcanic ash by Kelud can easily get into people breathing. I even feel masker is not enough to prevent the whiff of volcanic ash when driving on the road. And the ash still can get into the troath by breathing.

These are some pictures today:

Solo City look from up, look the skies, dark.

The volcanic ash by Kelud
Even at 1 pm, there are no sun light. Motorcyles and cars should turn on the light.

Unfortunately, there are still people who dont wear masker.

Look the visibility here is only about 3 metres.

The situation at Surdiman street, Solo

You can imagine my story after eruption just like this, but what I faced was more terrible.